Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dang, it's been awhile

I've been back to the grind after enjoying an awesomely uncommitted 9 days off from work...thank you spring break! I was just a tad bit lazy, waking up most days around...err...10. It was so nice to take my time getting out of bed, making a cup of coffee and taking the dogs to the backyard to play.

I finally did some serious work in my garden, tilling in some topsoil, marking off planting locations for the little guys still sprouting inside, and getting the direct-seed fruits and veggies in the ground. This year I hope to be enjoying a bounty of: cantaloupe, summer squash, Boothby's blond cucumber, dinosaur kale, kaleidoscope mix (colorful!) carrots, assorted beets, a purple heirloom bean, garden peach tomatoes (my favorite from last year), carnival (more colorful!) bell peppers, and lots of lettuce for salads. I'm just crossing my dirt-covered fingers that everything sprouts.

Another wonderful think about spring: seasonal beer. Well, that's wonderful about any season, but it's extra fun with a cool bottle opener. I picked this one up during my birthday trip to Baltimore, and Ashley also bought one. He's going to turn his into a door knocker, which is a cool idea. Having grown up at the beach, I can't pass up anything that's mermaid and awesome.