Sunday, December 20, 2009

French Toast

With all this snow on the ground, I walked the mile to the co-op where I do my grocery shopping. Some of the items I was looking for were out of stock due to deliveries being held up by the local weather. I was hoping for some egg bagels, but when seeing that all of the bagel bins were empty, I picked up a loaf of local artisan bread and decided on making French toast for a late lunch.

What You Need:
  • Bread of choice (I used a loaf of artisan bread, and cut 4 thick slices)
  • Eggs (2 eggs were enough for the amount of bread I used)
  • Milk (1/2 cup of almond milk)
  • Spices, if you choose (yes please! cinnamon and nutmeg for me)
What You Do:
  • Crack the eggs into a pie dish and beat with a fork. Add the milk and spices.
  • Slice bread and dip slices into the egg mixture, letting each side soak for a few seconds until it becomes saturated.
  • In a non-stick pan, lay slices out and cook until a golden brown crisp on each side.
I wasn't sure that I was going to want all 4 pieces of toast, but it was so good and that walk made me so hungry (uphill both ways, if you can believe it...this place isn't called the Wissahickon Valley for nothin'). To make French toast with an entire loaf of bread, use 4 eggs and 1 cup of milk. I like mine buttered with a little powdered sugar. Mmm. Over the past two days, I have trudged 5 miles in the snow and loved every minute of it. If only we could stay snowed in for just a little bit longer...

Cheat your way to chicken soup

Everybody loves a homemade chicken soup, especially this time of year. With this recipe, you can get the same, delicious soup by taking a few shortcuts and cutting down the time between preparing and enjoying.

What You Need:
  • One rotisserie chicken (mine was garlic and rosemary)
  • One package of soup greens, if available in your produce section
  • Sea Salt
What You Do:
  • Time to get your hands dirty and pull apart the chicken. Peel the skin back and remove all of the meat from the bones. I just used the white meat, and saved the wings and thighs (you can use them for another meal). Add all of the meat you're using to the crock pot.
  • Wash, peel and cut your vegetables. My soup greens package came with celery, carrots, dill, parsley, leeks, an onion, a turnip and a parsnip. If you can't find a package like this at the store, it's easy enough to purchase them separately. Add desired amounts of chopped veggies and herbs to the crock pot.
  • Add enough water to have broth as the soup is cooking, and sprinkle in the desired amount of sea salt (I use the finely ground salt).
After a couple hours of cooking on high in the crock pot, your veggies will be tender, the broth will be flavorful and you'll have a hot bowl of soup to enjoy! With the winter wonderland that has been created in Philly, my neighbors and I went for a 3-hour hike through our neighborhood and the park. Coming home to a hot bowl of soup right out of the crock pot was a delicious midnight snack!