Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fridge Makeover

The last time I went grocery shopping, I decided to do a fridge makeover! I was thinking about the bottom drawer, intended to be a produce drawer, and how it actually becomes a black hole in the fridge. This is particularly an issue with my fridge since the front of the drawer is solid white, rather than clear (i.e. - no constant viewing of what's inside).

To remedy this issue, I decided that instead of produce, the drawer would become home to all of the items I don't necessarily need on a daily basis: cheeses, bouillon, carrots that I take to the barn on weekends, etc.

All of the produce moved to more visible places in the fridge, wherever its size allowed. Sauces went in one area, drinks in another and other dairy products on the top shelf so they could be seen and used before expiration dates.

So far, it's been working out great! My philosophy is always to question why things are the way they are, and adapt anything you can to your needs.

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Christina said...

My mom got me this book from a thrift store called Heloise's kitchen hints from the 1950s. Her suggestions are all things like this - to adapt things to how you want them instead of just doing it how they always are.

A couple that stuck w/ me are the cabinets above the fridge and the cabinet under the sink. You can't really reach or see over the fridge so stick rarely used items there, or pans and dishes you only use on special occassions. Then for under the sink she said everybody always puts their chemicals and cleaning stuff, which is dangerous and annoying b/c you have to bend and dig. I forget what it was now, but she had a cool suggestion to change up that area.

Anyways - our fridge is cool b/c it has 2 drawers that are clear. So I usually do cheeses and odd items in one and then often used produce in the other that I won't forget. Items that I snack on a lot or don't want to forget I put on the shelves where there's space and I can see them.