Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diner Dinner

Call me late to the party, but I just made my first ever (successful!) omelet! Oh's delicious! I've tried many a time to create one of these delicious egg dishes at home, but ended up with a scrambled mess. Recently a neighbor and I walked to a local cafe, where there is counter seating and an open kitchen. I took advantage of my perch and watched the chef whip up an omelet on the grill. I saw as he quickly scraped the sides up to make a barrier with the cooked edges so that the center could cook without oozing all over the place. Then he added his ingredients, folded, cooked some more and served. So that's what I did tonight.

For my omelet, I used two eggs from free range/vegetarian-fed chickens, red pepper, broccoli and shredded Mexican cheese. I made a side of guacamole with 1 avocado, a couple slices of onion, 1/2 a Roma tomato and multigrain tortilla chips. It's a healthier alternative to going full-out diner with the menu. Deeeeelicious!

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