Monday, October 3, 2011

Last minute things

Some weekends, you're just having too much fun to bother with silly little tasks like grocery shopping. Some mornings, even though you wake up to the entire block lined with idling utility trucks, chainsaws buzzing and wood chippers grinding tree limbs, you try with desperate futility to sleep 20 more minutes. Then you remember that silly little task you forgot to do. Cuss. That's when you have to get ready at lightning speed, thank your lucky stars that the dogs already woke up up pre-dawn to go outside to tend to business, and you get your butt quickly out the door.

On the rare (cough, cough) occasion something like this happens, I'm glad the grocery store is only a mile away, and I just have to loop back toward my apartment - on the same street, no less - to get to work. So, having neglected grocery shopping and desperately needing something for lunch, I buzzed through the grocery store in just a couple minutes and then was on my way.

Straight to the bagel bins - good, lots left. Grab a toasted onion bagel. Across the produce section to grab a bag of baby spinach. Oh - on sale. Holla! Down the aisle and around the corner to the pre-sliced/pre-packaged deli meats. Turkey. Also on sale. Double score. Back up the aisle to self check-out and out the door. And this is what I end up with:

Not too shabby. And now I have enough spinach and turkey for a few more sandwiches this week, too.

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