Monday, April 6, 2009

Lazy Girl Dinner

Tonight's Lazy Girl Dinner - asparagus, crab fries and Morningstar Farms "chicken."

Still enjoying the vegetarian lifestyle (I don't like calling it a "diet" - I'm not on a diet). NOT enjoying this "chicken." I've tried to eat it twice since I bought it, but it's really gross. The texture is not pleasing, I don't have good luck with getting it to cook well, and the taste is less than tasty. The ground "beef" on the other hand (I used it in my tacos - pictured in an entry from a couple months ago) is fantastic...and that comes from a person who doesn't like/eat beef. Oh, the irony.

Crab fries. What are these you ask? The are a mid-Atlantic, East Coast staple. French fries seasoned with Old Bay. What could be better?! They are famous at Chickie & Pete's in Philly, but when I want them for dinner, I make them myself with crinkle fries.

How does everyone else cook asparagus? I put it in a glass dish with a little water, cover with wax paper and steam in the microwave. I can't think that I've had it any other way. I know some people grill it. Thoughts on your preference? I haven't had asparagus since Thanksgiving, but bought two bunches at the Italian Market last weekend and have been trying to use it up.

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Christina said...

I love asparagus sauteed in a pan with a little bit of water and soy sauce. Then, at the end sprinkle some sesame seeds over. Mmm