Saturday, August 22, 2009

Roll me out of bed

I've been all about the eggs lately - scrambled, omelets or hard boiled. I had an early wake-up call this morning for a volunteer project in the park that ended up getting rained out. Since I was up, and everyone knows an early trip to a bakery gives you the best pick of the freshest goodies, I headed out on an errand. Tonight is a birthday party for a friend of a friend and I wanted to bring her some treats. After that, I crashed until lunch time. What do you make for lunch, but is really your first meal of the day? A breakfast sandwich, of course.

What you Need:
  • A tasty roll (I have some fresh Jewish egg-washed rolls from the co-op)
  • 1-2 eggs (from free-range, vegetarian fed chickens)
  • Cheese (I mixed it up this morning and opted for Monterey Jack)
  • Butter (my choice is Smart Balance with Flax oil)
What you Do:
  • Pop your roll in the toaster oven while you're cooking the egg(s).
  • Cook your egg as desired (I made mine into an easy omelet with cheese).
  • When both are finished, butter the inside of the roll, add your egg(s) and close.
Adding the Monterey Jack cheese was really tasty. The egg washed roll was also sweet tasting on its own. Putting it all together was delicious!

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